• Welcome to Lomi Lomi Townsville

    Here at Lomi Lomi Townsville we practice the ancient healing art of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Hawaiian Massage in its most pure form; a holistic, therapeutic massage for the spirit, mind, body and soul. What we offer is far beyond other massage styles - it combines hundreds of years of expert 'know-how' about the physical body and the interplay of the mind, emotions and spiritual connection in feeling happy, healthy and well.


    In a Traditional Hawaiian Massage, the whole body is treated. Experience a healing ritual that has stood the test of time and remained unchanged for hundreds of years...it's simply exceptional.


    What to expect when visiting;

    • Lightly fragranced herbs and essential oils infuse the air, nurturing and uplifting the spirit. 
    • Exotic and aromatic organic coconut oil of the finest quality soothes the skin, the body and the mind, leaving the entire body feeling refreshed, cleaned, nourished, invigorated and luminous.
    • The healing powers of this very traditional Hawaiian massage work deeply into the tissues and muscles, gently warming them with a combination of long, flowing, languid strokes lulling the body and mind into a state of deep, hypnotic-like relaxation.
    • With the body softened, loosened and immersed in relaxation first, gentle kneading and trigger point work into tight, strained or stressed muscles encourages circulation and begins to free tangled, knotted muscle fibres and mobilises stiff joints.
    • The massage is slow, restful, calming, soothing and nurturing. Afterwards your entire body feels peaceful, refreshed, free, revitalised and energetically restored.


    You will leave with these 10 benefits:

    • a deep sense of overall peacefulness and deep seated wellness you still feel weeks later
    • relaxation, stress and tension release
    • improved circulation
    • flexible soft and deep tissue
    • cleansed and drained Lymphatic system
    • cleaned and detoxified body from the inside out
    • pain relief in muscles and in joints
    • rejuvenation of vital organs that function correctly
    • spiritual and emotional healing
    • feel reconnected spiritually and at one with everything


  • Services& Prices

    Full Body Deluxe 3 Hours $210

    • The Full Body deluxe version for those that need it

    Full body treatment 2 hours $140

    In this treatment the whole body is being massage from head to toe.

    Back/Neck/Legs 1 1/2 hours $ 110

    In this treatment the back of the legs, the back and the neck will be massaged.

    Back/Neck 1 hour $75

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    Home visit

    Time is an issue? Kids at home?

    A mobile service can be provided for a call out fee of $10


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  • Opening Hours


    • Monday - Friday  by Appointment only
  • Drop by for a Visit

    133 Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan 1417, QLD


    Tel: 0401 093 552